AOpen DUW1608 16X DVD+/-R DL at Sharky Extreme



I just posted the article AOpen DUW1608 16X DVD+/-R DL at Sharky Extreme.

      Here's a  very quick look, actually a glance,     at AOpen's 16x writer from over at Sharky Extreme. When I  read reviews like this, I start to realise what an important job the...
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Your right about that, that was a poor review. Not even close to this sites reviews. They might as well just post the manufactures advertisements.


Aye …


I just tried to do it in such a way that it wasn’t mean spirited. I mean that site is not near as focused as we are. For a lot of casual users, this is all they want to read about a drive.


The reviewer (Vince Freeman) stated, “Unfortunately, we were unable to allocate any 16X DVD+R disks for this review, and although Verbatim does produce such media, it is still very difficult to find at retail.” I wonder where he lives? It’s very easy to obtain 16X Verbatim discs in the USA at every Bestbuy store and multiple online stores. I just don’t understand why people post a review on something, but fail to test the most highlighted “feature” (16X recording) of the product…