Aopen DUW1608/12X (DVD Writer) Firmware Update Failed

Hi - After having some media-incompatibility problems, I tried to do a firmware upgrade on my DUW1608. I used the very latest update utility from Aopen (emailed to me directly by Aopen support) - “”
After the utility recognized my drive and started the update process, it encountered a failure and instructed me to reboot my machine. After rebooting, the machine no longer recognizes my machine! I have tried ensuring that the BIOS is set to auto detect, I’ve tried “add new hardware” in windows, but the drive seems to have vanished. Is it possible that the drive erased the old firmeware and now has NO firmware and I am stuck forever? Any ideas?



Motherboard - Tyan S1854
Processor - Pentium III, 866 MHz
RAM - 256MB
OS - Windows 98 :confused: