Aopen DSW 2012p Benq DW2000?

Hi i am new to the site as a member,that is always read here (alot at the moment!)
I have an Aopen DSW 2012P 6A31 Firmware version.
I have crossflashed liteons etc before a couple of years ago though!
I was trying to find out for sure 100% is the above drive a rebadged Benq DW2000?
I have been reading but cant find alot of info about this make of aopen/benq drive,there is alot of info about the dw1800 and DW2000 but not alot of info about my DSW 2012P Aopen drive.
If it turns out it is a Benq DW2000 could somebody point me into some sort of direction as to what i should do,or if its possible to flash this into a DW2000!
It would be great if it would as there are no firmwares at all on the aopen site!:slight_smile:

It is in fact LiteOn 20A1P , even Benq DW2000 is not real Benq but also 20A1P .
I have the Benq DW2000 and I use LiteOn 20A1P KL0N firmware with it which performs better than Benq DW2000 6B31/6B33 , I suggest you use KL0N too , you can crossflash with Code king’s firmware utility :slight_smile:

Ok so it is in fact a liteon!
Cool my firmware is much newer i have been told.
Do you still think the liteon firmware KL0N would be better,as in the gif i uploaded it says0 the firmware date is 2007/10/09.
Surely that must indicate that the firmware is quite up to date (possibly with fixes etc!)
I am not clued up on liteon benq’s at all so if i am still typing junk then please say!