AOpen DRW8800/AAN

just wanna ask if this could be upgraded using herrie’s latest firmware for the nec nd2500a which includes dual layer support.

sorry if this has been asked before.

Im not an expert but i think you can. That Aopen DRW8800 is an Oem Nec 2500a

Forgot something, you must do it in DOS. But like i said, im not sure, its better to hear first our Cdfreaks Guru’s :bow: :slight_smile:

Yes, the DRW8800/AAN is an ND-2500A and you can use NEC ND-2XX0A firmwares on the drive, but you will need to flash in DOS since the Windows Flashers won’t allow you to flash the NEC firmwares onto the AOpen drive.

Isn’t it worth adding this information in the “Read first” thread?

Currently it starts with this list.

NEC 2100 = NEC 2500 = NEC 2510 = HP 420i = HP 520i = TDK 880 = TDK 882

added, :wink:

So maybe we should add some other drives which are also ND-2500A OEMs? According to TDB website it’s also FREECOM DVD+/-RW8B and RICOH DVD+RW MP5308D.

is there no other bitsetting firm available for rebaged necs than HP´s?

At least it seems nobody else found one :Z