AOpen DRW8800/AAN and DRW8800/APP

What are the differences between the AOpen DRW8800/AAN and the DRW8800/APP?

AOpen DRW8800/AAN = NEC OEM drive.
AOpen DRW8800/APP = Pioneer OEM drive.

Why is telling in their review the “AAN” is a Ricoh MP5308D OEM?

Because of AOpen’s strong relationship to Ricoh for their past writers.

They just did not realize that the Ricoh MP5308D is in fact an NEC as well.

So the NEC 2500 seems to be behind every second drive. Strange the AOpen is so expensive, costs much more than the Ricoh and the NEC in Germany.

The rebadging game is a tricky one… :stuck_out_tongue: