AOpen DRW4410 (DVD+RW)

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Today, thanks to AOpen, we’ll be looking at the DRW4410 drive. Since the drive was released several months ago it will be interesting to see if, despite its age, it can keep up with today’s DVD recorders. Read the complete review to find out if this is the case!

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Did you use a pressed or CD-R disc for your DAE tests? The reason I’m asking is because I’ve seen a number of slow down problems with pressed discs. Part way through the session, the speed drops off for no reason. This is the same problem Ricoh’s first and second gen drives had.

Hi Ian, I used a pressed CD for the DAE test (the advanced tests with Nero CD-DVD Speed were of course done with a CD-R disc). I always use the same discs for my reviews so because there were no problems I of course didn’t do extra testing. I can check if there are read problems with other audio discs?

If you want. It didn’t happen all the time either. Very sporadic. Some discs were worse than others too.