Aopen CRW5224 Firmware cannot be applyed help!



I recently bought an Aopen CD-RW: CRW5224. The drive functions perfectly and there is only one problem, the device name in the bios is unusual.
It displays: ’ CD-RW 52x24x52x 1.05 0020420031.05’
(1.05 being my firmware)
By browsing some articles i discovered that is should be displaying
’ Aopen CD-RW CRW5224 1.05’
this troubled me, so i tryed to update the firmware by using the latest f/w update on the Aopen Website. When i tryed to apply the f/w is gave me this error:
Cannot update for different Type Code.

*** NG ** NG ** NG ***

Make sure Selected Source File.

Thinking this might be a problem with the actual flasher, i downloaded a Ricoh f/w updater, and copied the bin and txt file from the Aopen f/w download. The updater gave me the same error. I then tryed the DOS flasher from Ricoh, and it gave me an error message saying ‘error in transferr’ or sumthing.

Is there anyway anyone can give me advice on how to update my Aopen CRW5224 (which i bought from Rectron S.A.) to the latest 1.07 f/w? or at least correct the incorrect device name in the bios.


You have an OEM version.

This thread might help, read the end as the beginning may have old information: