AOpen CRW1232 CD-RW review

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I don’t know how much of the burn stability is due to the hardware and how much due to Nero/Win2k, but suffice to say Aopen have put together a very…

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don’t touch it! i have seen so many aopen devices go wrong so soon after being bought that I would never ever touch one again!

I’ve got one, and i haven’t got any problem with it, so it is a good burner.

Ik heb zo’n branden, ik heb hem voor 470gulden(nieuw) opde kop kunnen tikken en hij werkt perfect…


Have you ever tried to do a CD copy from a source drive (CD, DVD, CDRW, …) on the same IDE controller than the one used by ur burner ?
Don’t bet on it even w/ a fast CPU and a speedy HD without using the BurnProof technology.
I do that nowadays w/ my Plextor PX-W1210A while surfing, DLing, or even playing. It never failed even if Nero complaints about it before starting the burning process.
So IMHO spending an extra $250 can definitely be worthwhile

UUUuuu! Sweet! Fuck! Fuck again! syé¶ krakovan makkaraa! Jos et niin sua vituttaa, aivan sillé¤ siiné¤ on taikaa! Tosin ei ole tullu kokeiltua!

Ei saatana etté¤ mé¤ vihaan saksalaisia! Vittu kun ne puhuu aina samallailla kuin saksalaisissa pornoleffoissa!

i have a a-open CRX9420

the first one was replaced after 10months

now, the now one, has to be replaced again after 7 months

i hope the new one will survive a little longer…

and euh

warranty rocks!


its a crw9420