AOpen AAP/Pro Bezel Problem



ive got the chameleon edition of this drive and decided to use the black front but at the very top there are two sort of clips and they cant actually connect to anything on the drive that i can see but they make the front stick out ever so slightly at the top does anybody know how to fix this properly? the instructions mention nothing about this, however when i was removing the old one they seemed to stick to the drive as if they were clipped in but the new one just wont clip in and no nothing is broken from it, it matches the old one exact (except for colour ofcourse :slight_smile: )


does the old one go back on okay, if so, a little harder push.
is there anything stopping it, ie, a small crappy bit of plastic thats not making it seat properly.


no nothing like that it could infact be normal but i never looked at the drive before it was off so i dont know but id like to hear from other chameleon owners to see if theirs is the same