AOPEN 8x4x32 Firmware Upgrade?

Hey guys hows it going ? Ive done my Dvd drive ( to make region free ) and it got me thinking how about my CD-RW , I dont have specific details I must have deleted DriveInfo so Ill re download and post more specific details , If someone could help me that would be absolutely awesome :slight_smile:

Later guys ( and girls )

You have the AOpen CRW9832

Thanks dude you come to the rescue again :slight_smile: I think it was u that gave me the bin file for my DVD , btw i didnt use it , i used a patched version to make Region Free

ALso the bin file u sent me was more than half the filesize of the others I thought that was really wierd But thanks

Umm the firmware upgrade what will it update me to ? or just basic Upgrade ?

Thanks Again


Ok i looked into it more and found what the exe does :slight_smile: Now i also wondering if i can update the Burner to a faster speed ( chances are i wont but no harm in finding out :slight_smile: ) Im looking now but any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: THanks