Aopen 1648AAP/Pro!



Is Aopen 1648AAP Pro a good dvd rom ?
I have an Asus 1608P2S “Pioneer 110” burner and I want a good scanner for dvds , is the Aopen a good scanner ?


It’s an okay drive.

BenQ DW1640|50|55 are faster readers of DL discs, and much better scanners.

AOpen -ROM scanning is imprecise, uses 64ECC and is significantly different from BenQ and LiteOn results [and dividing error rates by 8 doesn’t even begin to explain the differences].


As of yet there is no such thing as an accurate scanning DVD-ROM drive. Also it should be noted that the 1648 AAP/PRO has been out of production for quite some time, so it will be hard to find, and if you do find it, it will probably be a worn out used drive or a refurb (neither of which are worth the investment IMHO).


Thank you very much for replies.
The drive is a NEW , Retail , maybe they got it some time ago .
Any way I am gonna look for Benq 1640/50 here in Egypt and I’ll get one , if not what do you think about Benq or Asus “Combo” drives ?
They are available here .
Or LG 4167B ?