Aopen 1648 bad flash please help

flashed my new aopen 1648aap wth 1648aap pro firmware by mistake drive is now dead not rcognized by bios or windows orderd a 1648aap recieved a pro model did not realize untill after flash with tdb 107 firmware which caused windows to freeze after rebooting no drive please help!

I would suggest contacting AOpen support if they dont have a utility for reflashing the drive you should at least be able to obtain info on how to do it.

EDIT: if you cant get help from AOpen you can try and recover the drive your self. download the right firmware ( if you have a Pro it would be 1.02) you can extract the AOpen flash utility( AO flash.exe) and the firmware .bin file from it with winrar. then you need a Win ME boot floppy you can get it here.

you can use the Floppy image or the CD ISO then scroll down to the Firmware flashing FAQ in FAQ/How To’s and study how to create the boot floopy or disk you need and how to use it.