Aopen-1648 AAP Pro has suddenly stopped working with dvd decrypter

Hi, I’m sorry to post this in here, but umm well its the forum I know best and didn’t know where to put it…sorry.

I own 2 x Aopen AAP Pro 1648 DVD-ROM drives I purchased mainly for backing up my dvd collection a few months ago. The drives seem to function fine, and then one day I noticed there was a firmware update (1.04) I updated both drives. Rebooted and then for some reason my drives were recognised as UDMA66 drives??!! Strange, anyway I went to run DVD Decrypter in file mode and it wouldn’t work. I’d click the rip button and then it would just say “Patching IFO” in the status area, but then it wouldn’t go on to rip the dvd or anything.

So I flashed back and am now getting the same problem still, its almost as if they are both broken or something. I had a similar problem with my NEC-3540 a while back but re-flashing the firmware sorted that out?

The thing is thats strange, is that the drives work fine other than with dvd decrypter all of a sudeen. (I’m using version The drives play dvds fine\copy files\etc no problem, just they hang as soon as you rip in decrypter.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

flash back to the 1.02, uninstall dvd decrypter and reinstall it. Or just try and reflash the 1.04. Make sure there is no disk in the drives.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I did what you said (part of it) I uninstalled DVD Decrypter, and now the 2 drives work correctly with it - sort of.

The drives in question are known very well for their as the fastest DVD-9 ripping drives around pretty much. But to get them to rip at full speed you have to go into the dvd decrypter options and set the read speed manually to “16X”.

However when I do this the drives start playing up again…

I.E, you click the copy button and it just hangs at that point, pressing cancel does nothing and you have to restart the computer?

Appreciate any insight into this, has anyone else experienced this? It used to work fine, I’m guessing there’s something small causing this but don’t know what?

Thanks :slight_smile: