AOpen 1648\AAP Pro firmware 1.02 available



just Downloaded the 1.02 firmware for the Aopen 1648\AAP pro from the Aopen site two things though first it says it is the 1.03 version but it is really the 1.02 second most the links in the pop up window for downloading dont seem to work but the one for Japan does.

the only thing listed about the firmaware is “improved CD DVD readability.”


I installed firmware 1.02 and teasting it with Nero CD-DVD Speed and the original disk DVD “walking Tall” showed no difference in speeds from firmware 1.01 so there arent any speed increases with this firmware release but the drive is still fastr than anything except the 1648\AAP non pro.

on a positive note though after hearing reports that the pro version had trouble reading DVDRW disks I borrowed one from a friend and sure enough the 1648 pro couldnt read it. and there was nothing wrong with the disk my BenQ read it perfectly. after flashing to firmware 1.02 the Pro now reads the DVDRW disk just fine in fact it was a bit quicker to pick up the disk than even the BenQ was.


That’s reassuring. I just got a retail Chameleon version that shipped with firmware 1.01. Ran a few tests, now going to 1.02. Do you know if it’s possible to revert back to old firmware versions?


Yes you can download older versions. I have switched between v1.00 and v1.02 several times already. V1.00 seems a bit faster and I haven’t had read problems even with it.