AOpen 1648/AAP no longer produced or what?

Newegg keeps pushing back the date for when they’ll be back in stock, scarse to find other places on the net too, what gives?

I would imagine that the 1648/AAP model has been discontinued since they are introducing the pro modell. which means they will be simply selling off existing inventory of the 1648/AAP. this is probably why newegg hasnt gotten any in. I gave up waiting for newegg and ordered from Ajump. I have twice ordered 1648/AAP drives from Ajump with no problems whatsoever. both times I had my drive within three days of ordering it. ( with free shipping).

yeah but i got a $50 gift certificate to the egg :wink:

well good luck on using it to get an aopen DVD rom drive from newegg I have been watching the aopen’s for over a month and the stocking date keeps getting postponed over and over.