Aopen 1648/AAP Firmware?



I thougth I had read there was updated firmware for this drive… I have Model# 91.4ED37.402 1648/AAP I got from newegg. What firmware should I run on this drive? I will mainly be using it for ripping.


For model 1648/AAP:

Latest firmware: 1.07 (RPC1 version available on The Dangerous Brothers’ website).

For model 1648/AAP PRO:

Latest firmware: 1.02 (NO RPC1 version available yet! :sad: ).

Warning! Do NOT use a PRO firmware on a non-PRO model, or viceversa…

Click here for the main thread on the 1648/AAP.

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Thank you!

What exactly does RPC1 mean?


RPC1 means the drive itself has no region setting, i.e. region free.
RPC2 drives have specific region, officially changeable few times only.
Some unofficial firmwares make RPC2 drives become RPC1.


Ahh I see… Thanks for the info. Been doing backups for a long time now and owned numerous drives… just never took the time to understand the terms. How fast does this drive get up to when ripping? From what ive been reading no other drive comes close to its performance.


Take a look at the thread… very informative. :wink:

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I have both the AOpen 1648/aap and /aap Pro-

The aap Pro with new firmware version 1.02 is faster than the regular aap with firmware version 1.07!!

On a 7.75 Dual Layer pressed DVD movie-

aap Pro= 12.92x max read; 9.76x average; 10.45 minutes read time

aap= 12.30 max read; 9.31x average; 11.18 minutes read time

The Sony 1612 (LiteOn 166s)= 9.67x max read; 7.07x average read; 15.24 minutes read time-

The NEC nd-3500AG= 7.13x max read; 5.35x average read; 19.54 minutes read time-

You can see why the 1648/aap & aap Pro are so widely recommended as a $25 addition to your burning setup-

I was impressed-



bigmike7,after reading your post decided to change out liteon 166s with the 1648 aap pro I had lying around. Most impressed with the speed and thankyou. :bow:


Yo MikeP-

Happy to hear that I could help you in your decision - I definitely prefer my aap Pro to my 166s - and it’s hella faster - just be sure to upgrade the firmware to 1.02 - makes a world of difference-



Thanks for the f/w info ,first thing I did