Aopen 1648 $23 + $4 s/h @ newegg



I don’t know how good this is or if it’s a repost but newegg has the Aopen 1648 for 23.99 + 4 s/h. I’ve been doing alot of searching and reading in the forums and I see that Aopen is a really fast ripper. Hope this helps someone out.



Find it here:

Note that it does not specifically say that it is a 1648/aap Pro-

I would call or e-mail Newegg to make sure - before ordering - as AOpen makes more than one DVD-ROM model-



I did a google with the model # provided by newegg and it says that it’s a pro versioin.


Is this still considered the best and fastest dvd ripper?

(I own a Lite-On 166s with modded firmware and it’s blazing fast with dual sided pressed dvds. However, it tops out at 8x on dual layer pressed dvds. How fast does the Aopen rip these dual layer pressed dvds?)

Also, are this as well built and reliable as LiteOns?


Yo mshmd-

My AOpen 1648/aap Pro on a 7.8gb dual layer pressed movie has a max read speed of 12.92x with average of 9.76x and a read time of 10.45 minutes - and I have heard of max read speeds in excess of 14x - but have not had the pleasure of that experience.




My firmware-modded LiteOn 166s only maxes out at 8x (then slows down) when ripping “dual layer” PRESSED dvds.

Is this normal or did I select some option wrong with the modded firmware?


Of course, the Aopen 1648/AAP and its Pro version are the fastest. No contest! Take a look at my DVD Decrypter log:


Dude… you ripped a pressed DVD in 9:50?? That’s frackin OUTSTANDING!!!
Is that a best or is that an average time for pressed DVDs that you have ripped???
Man, with that DVD-ROM, Deep Analysis on DVDShrink wont be so tedious anymore.


BenQ DW1620 reads dual-layer DVD-Video just as fast, with speed patched firmware. See here:


if you do not want to put tear and wear on your precious burner, get the aopen just for ripping.


Ripping DL DVDs at 16X is nothing. I’ve reported rips of up to 24X. At first I thought there must be something wrong with my Aopen 1648/AAP Chameleon Edition. The rips were so blazingly fast that it’s unreal! I’ve done nothing to the drive and haven’t used the speed fix that was discussed in the Aopen thread of this forum. The only change that I did was to flash the default firmware to 1.07 by TDB. Drive is set as Secondary Master. I strictly use this awesome drive for ripping dvds, cds, etc… (both protected and unprotected).

I have posted a question about the insane high speeds that I have encountered with this drive in the past in the Aopen 1648/AAP thread. However, if I recall correctly, no one really replied to it. Such high speeds, I thought that my drive must be defective in a good way.

Again, I consistently get 15X and up with this drive on all protected DL DVDs that I’ve ripped thus far. Average speeds range from 9.7X to 12X on them. At such high speeds, I’m surprised that all of my ripped DVDs burn and play fine without any missing files or read errors. Single layer DVDs rip entirely at no less than 15X.

From my experience, the Aopen 1648/AAP is the best drive for the money, and I’ve owned plenty of other drives from various manufacturers including Pioneer, Toshiba, Lite-on, Sony, Benq, MSI, LG, Asus, Plextor, Samsung, Hitachi, Panasonic, Phillips, NEC, etc…

I have the Benq DW1620 and other various Benq drives. All great drives, but I say again, Aopen is the fastest and most consistent out of all my drives.


shucks, thought it was the burner…


24x speed for DVD is theoretically impossible with current consumer products. No one answered probably because everyone assumed so. Even 16x DL DVD ripping is impossible enough. Ripping DL at 14x is also as impossible. Peak speed at nearly 15x might be possible.

If I needed to rip DL DVD disks, I would rather ask people around me to ship me HDDs full of ripped DVDs. If I had to rip my own disks, then better use multiple DVD drives at once.


Is it normal for most dvd drives to rip manufactured, pressed, dual layer dvds (don’t know if this is the correct term, but this is as opposed to one that you flip over to play the other side) to peak at 8x or did I just choose some option wrong in my modded firmware?

Also, anywhere that I can get a black AOpen 1648 AAP Pro at a reasonable price?


Retail packaged AOpen -ROM drives should include three bezels, grey, silver, and black. (Look for the words “3-tone” or “chameleon” in the description.)




This is SO full of inconsistancies it is truely funny-

Good humors NScythe!!!

But - still in all - the AOpen is the fastest reader/ripper - in real world rippin/burnin



I know 24X on a DVD, how’s that possible when only 16X is the max read rate for the majority of dvd-roms? I’m still searching my logs to see if I can find when this happened to me. Sounds like ripping a cd not a dvd at 24X doesn’t it?

In the past, I definitely like Benq drives. In fact, they’re still great drives. Now that I have experienced the Aopen 1648/AAP, I may never go back. It’s working great for my system. Better than I could have predicted.

Bigmike7, I wasn’t trying to be funny. But, if you find humor in it all, then it’s probably not too bad. I did mention several times in previous posts that I have no real loyalty to any particular brand. Maybe, that may explain in part some of my inconsistencies. But then again, life is full of inconsistencies. What was valuable then, may not be valuable now. For now, the Aopen drive is working great for me.

Thanks for pointing out my inconsistencies. I’ll try to be more consistent. :bigsmile:


24X DVD speed??? thats unheard of, may be for a 24X CD, but not DVD speed


Exactly!!! I have to find that DVD Decrypter log that reported this speed. I’m 100% sure that it was a protected DL DVD/movie that I ripped and not a cd. It was likely a fluke or something weird happened at that time. If I find it, I’ll gladly post it. Later. :slight_smile:


Yo NScythe-

The BEST way to demonstrate - would be to show a CD-DVD Speed Transfer Graphic - otherwise - it does not seem to be credible - eh?