Aopen 1616 New FW out/101 beta


Do cdfreaks make a review of the 1616?

is the 1616 hardware identical to the 1608?

etp; First thank you for this information on new f/w for 1616, but look like we are out of luck, when I did try to flash the drive 1608@1616 with new f/w 101a, I got the message says " Sorry this flasher is only for for AOpen drive1608" and I could not exacute the flashing.

TCAS! Did you try that reflasher program for the 1608 to 1616 we used to see if you could dump in the new FW?

And to all who asked, we have 1608s reflashed to 1616s, so we think the hardware/software is close or exact!

You do not require the 1608@1616 hack in order to use the new DUW1616 F/W on a 1608… it just causes more problems.

Reflash your DUW1608 with the official r1.08 (latest DUW1608 release), and then use the original DUW1616 r1.01a exe file to flash your DUW1608 to DUW1616. It should flash without any issue.

Of course, this is at your own risk… :slight_smile:

Too late for all of us! We would need to flash back at this point in time!

Hi etp,

Does the official DUW1608 r1.08 flash fail after using the 1608@1616 hack? From what I remember, I was able to just use the original 1.08 exe from the AOpen site, to return my drive “back to” a DUW1608 (r1.08)…

Just in case, I apologize in advance, if I misunderstood your last post… :slight_smile:

Have your yourself experienced this process first hand?. If yes was it successful?.

Yes I have… I used the 1608@1616 hack on my DUW1608 drive, and while fairly successful, it resulted in an “unreliable” drive… luckily, I was able to reflash my drive using the official Aopen r1.08 F/W executable. I encountered no errors or problems reflashing the drive using this method.

Secondly, as soon as the Aopen DUW1616 r1.01a F/W was made available, I decided to “try” it on my DUW1608… the worse that could happen (imo, anyway) was an “invalid drive/target” error… plus, the drive was fairly inexpensive to begin with, so “what the heck”… I selected “AOPEN DUW1608/ARR A080”, and hit start… it flashed without error, and it is now detected as “AOPEN DUW1616/ARR 101a”. I have yet to encounter any problems or issues within my use of the drive.


Cavedweller//We haven’t had any problems with the reflash so far! But I think its time we all go back to the future(LOL). This weekend I will flash back to a 1608! I will need to locate my flasher program and install my drive again. Fun!

Again, I can’t guarantee anything… if anything, the “if it ain’t broke…” expression comes to mind… lol… I’ve been lucky thus far… :bigsmile:

Of course, please (I can’t stress this enough) attempt at your own risk.

Performed a couple of tests on the drive… thought I’d share the results…

Memorex (CMC) 8x DVD+R - AOpen DUW1608@1616 1.01a

No scan ?

Cavedweller; Thank you for the valuable information you have provided us both in flashing to new 1616 f/w (101a) and graphical presentation of some burning process with new flashed drive. I will also do the flashing this weekend and burning some disc and hopefully put the results on here. Looking in to burning process of your new flashed drive with Memorex 8X although the drive provide no overspeed above the disc certified rated but the burring looks parity decent to me.

Cavedweller is correct: i have experienced this first hand also with my drive Rosewill RD-162 (Rebag of Aopen 1608). you have to flash with the hacked firmware A070, then flash with 101a (1616) firmware. works wonderfully.

Thanks cavedweller!

bichonn! Do you mean an error scan? :bow:

Mods; May be it is about time that all these 3 thread to be embadded into one thread for “AOpen” drives. Thanks.

I mean PIE/PIF scan.

Nero CD/DVD Speed doesn’t support PIF/C2 error scanning on AOpen 1608/1616 drives… :sad: