Aopen 1616 Crossflashing?

I already have a 1640, but I happened to get my hands on an Aopen 1616/ARR with 1.02 firmware on it. I know that they recently updated it to 1.03. And I know that this is quite the crappy DVD burner. (Anyone had any experience with it’s CD burning abilities?)

So my question is if the 1616 is a branded version of a different drive. Anyone? If so, which drive, and would I be able to cross flash it?


Aopen is Aopen and it is a great DVD reader and CD burner! Burn you DVDs at 8X! Probably my best cd burner!

PS/ crossflashing not necessary/1616 is a 1616!

Thier are some other firmwares like micro advantage, but they are identical to aopen firmware except for the string that identifies what the drive is. Aopen is the oem so like etp said, there is nothing to cross flash too (unless you feel like trying 1608 firmware). Cd freaks did a review of it and it is suposedly a very good cd burner
fyi the 1608 and 1616 are the same drive (diffrent firmware). I do very little cd burning but it has performed very well with the little I have done on it. Also, like etp said, it is a very strong dvd reader. This drive has consistantlly read beter than any of my other drives with problem disks. Just last week I had a dvd that neither my liteon 16p9s or my nec3500 could read. the aopen read it with no problems. Too bad the dvd burning sucks so bad (it does decent with a few medias but only a few). I think it is mostlly because of poor firmware (and based on their track record, I wouldn’t suspect new firmwares to be substantially beter).