Aopen 1606/1616 Overburn?

Overburn possible with either drives? i have a 1608@1616. anyone try it?

Not me yet!

Look here:

TCAS! Did that link talk about overburn? I can’t remember!

As far as I can tell overburn is function of recording software (Nero Burning ROM) or others not drive itself.

That’s not correct, since NEC drives do not support overburning and NEC has stated that there is no firmware available to change this.

I avoid to say this is not correct, but I have NEC 3500 which I have burned many times files more than disc capacity specially in CD platform.

Overburning depends on both the drive and the software:
-Is the drive able to overburn?
-Will the software allow overburning?

Guess it’s time for NEC to update their website! :slight_smile:

OK! I am freaking confused! Does the 1616 overburn with Nero?

Although I have not tried to overburn, the Nero 6 Recorder properties dialog does report “Overburn” as supported for the 1616. However, DVD overburn is disabled by default in Nero… it must be enabled under the “Expert Features” tab in Nero’s preferences.

Not sure if this is the problem though… :confused:

Update: I attempted to overburn a Memorex (CMC) 8x DVD+R disc using Nero, and the overburn failed. The error message stated “This drive does not support overburn function on this type of disc” followed by a “NO FURTHER SENSE” error message. (Wording may not be exact.)