Aopen 1232a + clone cd?

is it possible to burn cd’s whit clonecd??
my burner is Aopen 1232A. Because someone blew up is burner with clonecd.

Well if you download CloneCD you can see in programs help file what CD-burner are supported from the software.
I looked and I can tell you for sure that AOPEN 1232A supports RAW-DAO 96. Best method as help file said to make clone CD’s.
Not all CD-burner supported by CloneCD though. Cause CloneCD use a different way to read and burn data to a cd, than other softwares, like roxio’s, or like Nero.

happy burning. :slight_smile:


If you want to know more info on your drive or see other supported drives check

I have a Aopen CRW1232 <— Note the lack of an A.

It works great with CloneCD. For some reason it can burn some SD2 games without AWS, even though according to, it doesn’t support correct EFM writing. Interesting…