AOpen 12/10/32 CD-RW info

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The soon to be released AOpen burner info:

AOpen, the component manufacturer for the Acer Group, today launched the worldwide fastest CD-ReWriter — the CRW-1232, offering…

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i think i stay by my old philips 2x/2x/24 :slight_smile:
It always work!

Burn Faster get more Buffer-under-runs…

the price of the drive is the estimated price and the thruth is that this is usually the most expensive drive…so you can normally buy this drive at 12.000-13.000 bef…

Mind that this drive incorporates OPC technologie (Optical Power Control) and gives more power to the laserbeam when it reaches a spot on the CDR that is filthy.
So, anyhow this drive has some neat technologie within it…
The generous 4MB buffer explains that it hasn’t incorporated Burn-Proof or Just-Link technologie…

StevieB from Romstore to serve you all…

I think i stay too on my phillips 4x/4x/32x
but that new one WHOAH
that thing is fast but there aren’t many discs that can reech that speed so
:stuck_out_tongue: nothing for me and expensive too :frowning:

Greetingz Woutiir

I gotta say to the guy who said that faster burning speeds mean more coasters - I have a Plextor 12/4/32 scsi and it’s a great unit. I burn everything at 12x even using 8x media and so far I’ve never had any buffer underruns. The only problems I ever have is when I try to copy protected discs using the wrong settings. Otherwise fast burning works great

Plextor 12/10/32A 3weeks ago at Micro Pro $255.00. The best price for the best Burner

I´ve got a problem for you guys to solve.
I´ve got a PX-W1210A which dosen´t seems to work with Clone CD, it dosen´t read the subchannel of data tracks…
So I´ve tried to backup Safedisc protected (the old version, Braveheart) games, and it works great, but the problem is to copy a Securom protected cd, since it needs to read the subchannel of the cd, but every time I try to read it the burner spits it out and clone claims that Plextor PX-W1210A isn´t compatible with clone cd when reading the subchannel…
I´ve read the help files about the problem with plextor manager and the file in the system catalog, but even after Formating the whole disc and reinstalling Windows 98 SE and only installing clone CD it still won´t read the subchannel, has anyone else got a PX-W1210A and got it to work??, it should work according to and cloneclinic but it dosen´t work for me?..

Any ideas??

Ok. There are a lot of answers for your problem so here is a small list with points that could help(probably you have tried all them):

Get the latest aspi drivers(yes i know that clonecd has his own drivers, but this might help) get them from my site:

get the a working version of CloneCD that works with your computer, too, available at my site.

next step: check the sync data transfer box (should be marked, if not then mark it) at your system settings. The autorun function should be disabled! Do not install stuff like the plextor manager or other utils that could nerv. Get the latest firmware update for your recorder at ord de

hmm, what else? Oh, yeah, try a lower reading speed and be sure that the disc you try to read is clean, cause the plextor devices are very sensitive concerning bad mediums. And get the latest ide bus drivers for your ide controller. I think that are all hints i can give so far. If you have more questions or need any help with clone then contact me:


And if all that Don’t Work send me the drive. I’ll test it for a couple of years to see what’s the problem and get back to you.

Ok I know that Didn’t help any - Just my sense of humor. LOL Hope you figure it out. Good luck

I got my Plex 12X10X32 for $230, and it’s AWESOME!