Aone Gold Edition dual layer discs

Does anyone know what the MEDIA ID (MID) is of these discs?


According to they are RICOHJPND01 = mixed reviews not the best discs to use
unless they are Falcon Media FTI made then they are ok.

Videohelp review of Falcon Media made RICOHJPND01= good reviews

Well there are different versions of the Aone dual layers such as Plus/Premium and now Gold. Premiums have a MID of UMEDISC-DL1, Plus are RICOHJPND01 and Golds are unknown at the moment.

The videohelp articles relate to the older versions as the Gold versions were only released recently.

UMEdisc…crap media

I know this thread is a tad old, I just bought myself some of these AOne Gold Edition discs which hopefully I can use later today, so if they do read on my nannans burner (which doesn’t read on my mums laptop :doh: ) I will try and give you a MID code for them. I pray it is Ricoh discs, though.

AOne CD-R are Plasmon discs, by the way, only burnt a handful so far, but all Plasmon discs have been excellent for me so far under different brands - Signellex, Hyundai, and now AOne :iagree:

AOne Plus + Gold Edition have the RICOHJPN-D01-67 ID Code - I hear around the internet that despite this being the most copied (and faked? :Z ) media ID on cheap Chinese discs that AOne discs are one of the best.

Verbies might still get my vote if they weren’t so damn expensive! :frowning:

Verbatims may seem to be expensive, but they are far more reliable and compatible than cheap DL media, like Aone, Tesco, MediaRange, etc.
I wouldn’t be too surprised if you couldn’t successfully burn more than 50% of those Aone discs you bought.

Pepst, don’t worry, I don’t plan to use them to displace my stock of Maxell single-layered DVD-R as I find they are much more difficult to burn (setting up, knowing layer changes, etc) and I find their price, understandably double single layers, a bit of a setback. Less discs for same price.

Rather have my AVI Rips / Data / Whatever stored on several Single Layered Discs rather than a dual layer because not all burners can read DL discs, and if one disc goes down, it doesn’t take out all of my data. :slight_smile:

Maxell RitekF1, best discs used so far. Very very reliable!