AOne DVD+R DL possibly rated at the wrong speed?

I wasn’t sure how to word this question, so forgive me. I bought a pack of AOne Plus+ Gold Edition because I’m relatively new to the burning DL media and I wanted a few to experiment on. However, as I began to post my comments over at VideoHelp, I noticed something unusual.

In ImgBurn, the supported write speeds are 2.4x, 4x, 6x, 8x - As what it should be for DVD media.

However, in DVDInfoPro Xtreme, the manufacturer rated speed is simply 2.4x.

I always burn in ImgBurn at the ideal 4x speed (Never more, never less) and I quite quite decent results - No failures so far other than when I jumped the gun and tried to burn an ISO and on a laptop drive which isn’t too great with DL media :rolleyes:

What’s going on? Is one program telling porkies? Shouldn’t DVDInfoPro Xtreme tell me the same as ImgBurn? :confused:

It’s simply down to the drive/burner used and the write strategies within the firmware.