Aone Dual Layers and Lite-On DH-20A4P



Anyone had any success in burning Aone DVD+R DL (RICOHJPND01) on a 20A4P?

I’ve been getting nothing but bad results :Z

Is the 20A4P a bad DL scanner, a bad DL burner, both or is the Aone media just rubbish?

The first layer is horrible but the second layer burns just fine :confused:

The first scan is of a disc burned at 4x and the second one is burned at 2.4x.


RICOHJPND01 in general has been nothing but substandard DL media.


Is the 20A4P a capable drive for making good quality burns on Singapore made Verbatim DL media?


That’s only the medias fault.
If I remeber correctly, AOne is the brand of Must Tech Taiwan, which manufactures crap DL discs with faked MID.


RICOHJPND01 is the most widely faked DL MID. The only way to ensure that you get quality D01s is to purchase them under reputable brands such as Ricoh, TDK or Ritek.



Are the MKM 001 and MKM 003 Verbatims equal in quality?


[QUOTE=Eiji;2055296]Are the MKM 001 and MKM 003 Verbatims equal in quality?[/QUOTE]

MKM001 on A4


[QUOTE=VANT;2055328]MKM001 on A4[/QUOTE]

Very nice!

Did you burn at 2.4x or 4x?


Aone media is fake RicohJPN DL media. No wonder you dont get good results, that’s why its so cheap.

From >

Infiniti - fake
Datawrite - fake
Mirror - fake
RiDisc - No idea, but since they come from same company as Datawrite I’d say - fake.
Aone - fake.

And also fake Ricohjpn.D01:



The newer Aone “Plus” which are the same price are much better than the older Aone dual layers.