Aone 8x Taiyo Yuden Real Or Fake?



Hi All,

i came across theese discs Aone 8x 4.7GB DVD-R / Shrink wrap of 50

Info :

Taiyo Yuden
Non Printable
8x Speed
Shrink wrap of 50

just wondering if theese are real or not? they have chineese/jap writing on the shrink wrap?

i did a search for Aone and found nothing about em on here so i thought it would be ok to post this?

Many Thanks


Picture and serial numbers would be helpful.


From googling and looking at that pic, those seem to be legit. I can recognize the form of the That’s cakeboxes.
Which shop are you ordering from?
Good luck!



No!Look carefully that’s fake TY.OMG these Chinese are really good at imitating…
I supposed those are 25 spindle cakeboxes but unfortunately TY does not have 25s spindle cakeboxes.They put them into 30s cakeboxes which if you look carefully will have slightly some extra space to fit in more discs.These cakeboxes have discs which are entirely stacked up to its max height which isn’t the case…

This post should help:

A true TY DVD-/+R cakebox has:
1)A transparent cover which has 2 sections with unequal diamete lengths.One being smaller in diameter than the other.
2)The bottom section(in black) of the cakebox has grip-like pattern.


Oh yes, the two sections ^^" I didn’t really look careful enough.
It could be that the leaflet is above a stacking ring, though.
Stupid web-resolution photos (I thought the grip pattern would be missing because of the resolution.). :doh:


sorry heres piccys

sorry i know there big

theese are diff to the piccys you where looking at kg_evilboy


Hmm… those are in fact having a Japanese writing. But which shop is selling them?
If you’re feeling lucky just go on and order a pack.


ive got a pack here of 50 i put them in and looked at em with Dvdinfopro shows them as TG02 dye Taiyo Yuden

i can email you the shop URL if you like? the shop is a UK one

abit off topic but just wondering if theese are fake also?
DataOn Premium Full Face Inkjet Printable 8x 4.7GB DVD-R / Spindle tub of 50

i read the thread where it said that some Dataon are fake but not the Printables?

Really appreciate theese replys



Very likely to be fake.
Branded TYs don’t usually come in shrinkwrap.Only oems do.Even rebranded oems have stickers on the side.
Even TY oem shrink wraps does not look like that.They have a white peel on top which is not exactly round.This company is indeed trying to copy TY’s unique form of packaging but apparently they failed to copy it entirely.

Only way is to look at the codes on the disc.TYG02 should have GG…


:iagree: I’m surprised no-one’s suggested that :slight_smile:


As am I. I was just about to post that when I saw it. That is the only 100% gauranteed way to tell. Either way I don’t trust any TY media that isn’t from a confirmed retail brand or being sold under it’s own label. The other stuff is just too damn risky.


So true. :slight_smile:


Without this piece of information, most users must have thought that it would be useless to suggest checking hub codes. :wink:


I still say the numbers are required before making a judgement on these discs.

“Aone” though…kinda reminds me of karangguni’s post about putting words in the name to make it appear better than it really is :bigsmile:


Sorry centrilium I have to disagree, Panasonic TYs are stacked right to the top of the case as the spacer is placed at the botom of the spindle, therefore to say that because they are stacked to the top means they are fake is misleading.


JayC30, the Aone spindle kg_evilboy posted is entirely different.There’s no argument to that.The transparent cover does not have 2 sections.Even if a spacer being placed on the bottom of the spindle still makes it a 30s spindle.
How sure are you that the the spacer placed at the bottom could fill the gap for 5 discs?I have many TY spindles myself and from my experience the octagonal shape spacer+transparent protective discs are not enough to push the discs up to the top.

Look carefully at the Panasonic spindle located here.Isn’t there still some space left at the top?You will know by looking at the side edges.The Aone cakebox doesn’t seem like that at all.

Look at the overall Aone products listed here:
Don’t you find that even the 50s spindle look suspicious as well?Surf to their forum and you would also get clues which mentioned that the TYs are fake.
However their Verbatims 5-colors may be real TY since they did state that they are made in Japan.


I have some Verbatim 5 Color Collection discs which are sold in 25pcs. The discs are stacked right up to the top and there is a really thick spacer at the bottom. I am quite sure the cake box without the spacer should fit at least 30 discs. And yes, these are real TYs. They have the prerequisite TY stamper code GG/GD/TC/TGxxxxxx.

The cakebox used by the Verbatims looks to be the same as the ones for Panasonic. I have actually seen those Pansonic discs on sale and handled a cake box of it.

Btw, I have seen Panasonic disc in a 10pc TY cake box so there actually are 10pc TY cake boxes.

As stated, those are real TY discs but that doesn’t mean they cannot sell fake TY discs alongside real ones.


Considering that the link posted by [B]centrilium[/B] says that most of the Aone discs sold in That’s-like cakeboxes are AML, it can be assumed that they might be fake.
On the other hand, Verbatim is using That’s cakeboxes for each and every official product photo for Amazon…


That’s how the Panasonics were packed, though mine had two realy thick spongey type spaces as opposed to one, thus taking up the space of five discs. The 8x -R ones I got on the spindle have GGXXXX code, and as I bought two spindles I filled up one from the second and left the ones that wouldn’t fit with my friend for him to use with his new writer. The 16x ones available in are GHXXXX and come in both spindle and 10 pack.

I have said before I am dubious about this relienca on spindle design, Maxel discs sold in Argos come in a TY style spindl, as do Tevion CDs sold in Aldi.


Some who has those discs just please post the stamper codes/serial numbers so we can find out for sure if those are real TYs. Then we don’t have to go through all of this guesswork :slight_smile: