Aone 8X DVD+R Dual Layer Full Face Printable 10pk

Hi will Aone 8X DVD+R Dual Layer Full Face Printable 10pk DVDS work on SONY DVD RW DW-D22A BYS3 please am new i want to know if yeah so i can buy them

Here are some earlier threads about Aone DVD media:

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While the Aone Double Layer DVD+R media may work, I would recommend spending the extra money and get some Verbatim DL DVD+R media which is generally considered the most reliable.

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It’s a bit difficult to know without knowing who actually made them. Since the maxim “Buy cheap; buy twice” appears to hold true for DL discs, on this forum we only recommend trying Verbatim DL.

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Ok thnx for your replys i will buy Verbatim DL DVD+R media but can you tell me where i can buy them form that will work on SONY DVD RW DW-D22A BYS3 am from uk

Yes so am I and try any on-line store that will display the Media ID (MID). For Verbatim +R DL it’s "MKM"xxx.

SVP is usually competitive… but check out the Bargain Basement for other UK deals.

Are the ones that are made in india good or the ones made in MIS

The Made in Singapore ones are excellent.

The Made in India ones have been reported as inferior to MIS by some users but there are also examples indicating that these may have improved over time.

Ok thanks can i find MIS on SVPS are 8x good or 2.4x

The 8x Verbatim +R DL are excellent (Made in Singapore). Never tried the MIS 2.4x ones but I hear they’re also good.

Not sure if SVP are stocking MIS or MII DLs currently, though.

For your burner, best off picking the 2.4x ones. :slight_smile:

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Verbatim 8x DVD+R DL (MKM 003) is not supported by the LiteOn 1633S which is hardware identical to your Sony, so it’s probably not supported by your Sony drive either.

Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL should be supported by your drive.

You may want to consider upgrading to a newer DVD burner with support for all the newer media.

Heya thanks and the Verbatim Printable 2.4x Double Layer DVD+R are out of stock on SVPS where else can i be them from that will be MIS

You could give BigPockets or a go - never shopped at either of them myself, but I haven’t heard anything negative, either :wink:

However, no guarantees that they’re MIS - best way to get that is to hand pick them from a B&M store. Too bad Staples, PC World or the like never have deals on them :sad:

Thanks i want to buy Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL 8.5g that are made in MIS 25 pack or 10 pack what website Can i find MIS ones

will these be okay if yeah i an buy them 10 mins away from my house currys

[quote=criminal;2140237]will these be okay if yeah i an buy them 10 mins away from my house currys[/quote] They should be OK but you won’t know if they are Made in Singapore or Made in India until you see the packaging.

When i go to the store shall i ask them if there made In india or singapore what ifthere made In india should i buy them or not

The packaginh will say either “Made in Singapore” or “Made in India” somewhere. I haven’t personally tried the MII variant, but I would at least try them.

If you’re obsessed about quality of the burned disc, your old drive is probably more of a risk than MII compared to MIS media.

can MIS and MII work on SONY DVD RW DW-D22A BYS3 2.4x 8.5gb

Both should work, but that really is an older drive by today’s standard and it wasn’t even among the better drives of its generation.

So my point is, if you care about disc quality enough to worry about MIS vs MII, then worrying about your old drive should be a higher priority.

Why not buy the Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL whether they are MIS or MII and if the result is not satisfying, then think about getting a newer better burner?

Where can i get a better burner from