AOL stops development of Winamp – end of an era



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AOL has announced that and associated web services will no longer be available past December 20, 2013.

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I was worried that investments in apps would be seriously reconsidered because of this: “If WinAmp with a huge name-recognition value can’t see a good return on investment, why should any other app consider it?”

But this assumes honest market forces at work. It completely ignores the equally plausible notion that pressure was applied to terminate as many free products and force consumers into a Everyone-Pays-Us notion, which is Steve Ballmer’s pledge to vendors. AOL (and whoever owns it, these days) sees WinAmp as nothing but a cost-center and since their logo isn’t attached firmly to WinAmp, why not amputate them. “It can’t harm us!”

And AOL isn’t exactly the darling of Wall Street profit centers, either. They’ve been facing petards for their own hoisting in the past couple of years.

I’m holding out hopes that. like the Libre Office developers fled from Oracle’s tenacles, perhaps WinAmp’s core brilliance will shine on with a Libre Amp or something.


Another thread is very similar to this one.
I just wanted to say I downloaded the latest version & it didn’t work correctly with my OS.
I went back to my about year old version.


That was sort of thing about Winamp. As a music player I consider it to have been perfect by the end of the 2.x versions. There was nothing they added after that point that made it any better.

I guess its one of those things that you don’t need a new version of all the time. I recently upgrade to winamp5 for the hell of it but used the skin i was using with winamp2.

I’ve got a few versions archived… winamp will keep going for years (Even if they dont’ release new versions).

#5 (and most of the others too)


A great software with really cool plugins and capabilities. I think we will miss it.

Do not forget, the Nullsoft team also gave us the great NSIS installer platform that was developed for Winamp. Also a great peace of software.

Maybe we can hope that Winamp becomes open source. This will be a dignified end.


Heard M$ wants to buy Winamp and if they do this IMO might actually be a good investment to make for them as MP3 are fast becoming everywhere and used everywhere. And for them to miss this opportunity will be a loose they loose against Apple. This devices can see attached devices like my android and find its mp3 on it that is to great for me as I don’t even have to install a plugin for it to do that and my Android is brand new and a old software like Winamp can recognize and see it puts it in a league ahead of other mp3 software with no plugins to work. Sad to see they are going but like others I will keep my Winamp to my grave. The software wasn’t expensive to buy and very handy to have when ripping cd and it created folder and tracks with matching name that is something I haven’t seen others do correctly only other one was foobar that but that needed some plugins to do it and winamp was all in one purpose program.


Does this affect the Android versions as well?


I use religously Winamp. This sux. The idea of all those plugins available makes this player #1. Especially “Stereo Tool 2.0” as a dsp. I am able to use all of my directx plugins that I have for Wavelab. Maybe someone will take over its development. It is truly the best player available.


I have the $15 licensed version. I’m wondering if the fraunhofer MP3 encoder or access to Gracenote expires…


Gracenote is part of Gaylord Enterprises, one of the biggest music holders in the world. They are the Conde Nasty (publishing world) of the music recording industry. I was sorry to see them buy up so many web-access services in the first place because they definitely are a monopoly that will brutalize the public when they get the chance.

Shutting down ‘free’ services - like WinAmp - is completely in keeping with this philosophy, too, so they can entrap everyone else. STV and other WinAmp fans talk about “using it religiously” which means Gaylord-Grace can leverage this devotion into their own pocketbooks in time. Well… 'tis the way of the world. I wonder if “unplugged” will take on a whole new meaning - instead of acoustic guitars, it will become “off the grid” entirely?


There are ways to disable Gracenotes in WinAmp if you don’t want it.

I use the freeware version of WinAmp it appears to use LAME for .mp3s .


Indeed, this program had everything. WinAmp, you’re all I ever wanted, you’re all I ever needed. Tell me what will I do, when I Want You Back?

I guess it’s time to use Foobar 2000.

RIP WInamp. I do hope you’ll at least become free/open sourced, so that your legacy can live on.


Winamp is still available for download on Android… Anyone know if it will continue to be supported?