AOL Releases New Version of ICQ

I just posted the article AOL Releases New Version of ICQ.

Still my favorite messenger program,Seems like this new version is much improved with some new cool features.

AOL Time Warner Inc. AOL.N said Thursday it released a new version of its…

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ICQ is definitely my favorite msging program, but I think I will wait for some cracks to come out before I upgrade so I do not have to deal with ugly banners and ads, something AOL has added to the program since they bought out Mirabilis.

Cool! Now we just need a new version of the ICQ Power Crack and we’re all set! :slight_smile:

According to our good friend at, you only have to delete one DLL and you’re add-free!!

Well, ICQ is nice but it is getting to bloated. Check out very nice small fast basic.

DrJ, you are correct but I also want the other stuff the Power Crack offers i.e. Show IP + AutoAuthorization! :slight_smile:

StrooperMan, the 2001b version has actually decreased in file size so it’s slimmer than 2000a and 2000b. 3.5MB

Where can I get this ICQ Power Crack?