AOL pulls Nullsoft file-sharing software, again, what a Waste!

I just posted the article AOL pulls Nullsoft file-sharing software, again, what a Waste!.

Maybe some of you remember the
day Gnutella hit the web. The software developed by Winamp developers NullSoft
became revolutionary in the filesharing world and was soon pulled from the web…

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Something like this would be nice for a neighborhood WiFi network file share your DVDs & MP3s with your local friends. A network of WiFi networks would be much harder for the clueless to shutdown or even know exists. Links for some low cost WiFi stuff: I have not bought one yet but very soon I’ll be spewing 802.11x all over my hood. Pirate Radio will have an all new meaning. And if a lawyer wants to shut it down he can come out do a war drive, decrypt the traffic then figure out who to sue.

FYi Wifi is only effective for a max of 300ft from the base station. It’s also dependent on building structures themselves. Unless you live in a densely populated area, I don’t think it’s going to happen. My neighbors are a 100ft away.

With the built in Antenna WiFi is very weak but once you use a Cantenna the range gets crazy My friend used it to pickup WiFi from a hotel down the street from the one we were in (we had no internet access) with his $ 30 cantenna and a Orinoco pcmcia card.
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I think the amazing part is, they are saying it was posted without permission, but someone went to the trouble of including the GPL. Hmmm… interesting. I’ve never heard of anyone pulling the GPL off of an application, but, let AOL be the first.

The Cat is out of the bag though, there will probably be people utilizing the info at least.

wifi is effective over ranges of miles. its called radio. its all a matter of how powerful your transmitter / receiver are. right now, on this computer that i’m using, i’m receiving a signal compliant with a 802.11b network from about 2 miles away. my latency is quite low, just slightly above cable. but i guess thats not within 300 ft. wth am i gonna do now. ooops, FYI the previous.

I have setup a small WASTE network between myself and some friends and must say it is very nice, much easier then having ftp’s on everyones machine and it doesn’t use many resources at all. I’ve noticed no problems with it and the public/private key system is very cool. Whatever AOL’s motives for pulling the software its too late now its already out in the wild.

Is everything you share with eachother encrypted? Does that go for the chat-function too?

This software is awesome, you really must try it!

This software is awesome, you really must try it!