AOL launches Musicnet @ AOL , licenses Sonic technology

I just posted the article AOL launches Musicnet @ AOL , licenses Sonic technology.

On Yahoo we can read that America Online, the largest ISP in the world, has launched Musicnet @ AOL. MusicNet is a legal download service for copyrighted songs and offers songs from the five major…

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Finally, someone almost gets it!!!They need to focus on finding a solution to peer to peer not by taking them down but offering a legal service! I said almost because I still believe that being able to burn only 10 songs for $17.95 is ridiculous. I think I would be willing to pay $25/month if they allowed me unlimited download and burning. Anyway this is just my opinion, but I trully think that the first company which will get it right will make a fortune out of it! Bye and meanwhile good download on your favourite p2p client :7