AOE2: Conquerors expansion....not..working:



OK, using free trial/copy of Alcohol 120% i have frequently attempted to create an image for a virtual drive of the AGe of empires 2: the conquerors expansion game.

i set it to safedisc (what it’s protected by) and follow all instructions…but it only get many many disc read errors and never advances beyond 0.3 percent or so…

any suggestions? thanks


Welcome nigy,

the read errors are part of the protection they’ll stop around 10500 just let it run. Maybe your drive is not able fast skipping these read errors so it could take some time.


so it should work well, and i only need to give it time? like lots of time…?

but…with warcraft 3 and starcraft, i did the same thing REAL FAST but i think it had hte same protection…ok thanks though.


Starcraft is using no protection just a serial and WC3 uses SecuROM which is a different protection where ‘no’ read errors appear in the log. The read errors will stop around 3% if I remember correctly so you got to wait.


OK thanks, but i have another problem.

for Warcraft 3 TFT and for lords of the realm 3, i cant run the game off the virtual drive.

for warcraft it asks me for the CD and for lords of the realm 3 it just doesn’t run when I press play.


They’re SecuROM 4.8+ protected they may not run from a vdrive because of blacklisting, you used wrong settings for dumping, your image is corrupt,…
By the way you should try the search function which may give some good results for example warcraft.


wait…im sorry…WHY cant they be run from a vdrive?


OK, but is it at all Possible to mount an image of warcraft 3 or knights of the realm 3 in a virtual drive, and i just need to do something different (if so. do tell) or for some reason is it not possible?


Ive burnt thsi myself

Make sure you use the SafeDisc mode and burn at 2x/4x.

Hope that helps


same as me