AOE II: The Conquerors exp

I got a Philips PCRW800 (8x4x32x), and any kind of burning software (e.g. Adaptec ECDC, CD-Clone, Nero 5.1).

Hell, with all my funky software (I wouldn’t dare saying funky hardware… I’m not such a dumb-ass… :wink:

Well, as I was saying, with all this stuff I’m still not able to copy the funky game. Any suggestions, like software to download or settings to change? lemme know, pls, asap!

Bye, and may the force be with you!

Please scan your disc with a so-called Copy Protection Scanner like ClonyXL so you know which protection you’re dealing with. ClonyXL can also start CloneCD with the appropriate settings. That’s how I always do it :slight_smile:

Please note that for some settings you need compatible hardware! Eg. if the game requires the reading and writing of SubChannel Data your Philips might not be able to do this. For more info on what your burner can and cannot do check the CloneCD Hardware Requirements.

AOEII:The Conquerors Expansion is protected by Safedisc 1 and is very easy to copy with CloneCD if you have the “fast error skip” option enabled when the disc is read. This disc also has an audio track if you insert in a music CD player. Track 1 is data, track 2 is audio.

Tyhnx to both of you , ppl! I now have clony installed and I found out that it really is simple to copy it. Thanx very much!

I’ll try the audio track… I’m kinda curious!

Hope to be able to give the favour back.


Shall the force be with both of you,

Cannon Hawke

this is one cd, i have copied a few times with out a problem. It is one of the easier cd’s to copy.