AO7XLA and buffer problems

Everytime I burn an audio cd, at around 25-30% complete, the buffer drops down to 9% (it does go back up). This has not happened with the 2 dvds I’ve burned. I’ve upgraded the firmware to 1.15 and that has not helped. I tried the Nvidia IDE driver and the Microsoft default IDE driver and the same thing happens on both.

I should mention this is with the newest version of Nero. Maybe a different program would help?

I guess I’ll try reinstalling windows and see if that does anything for me.

I seriously hope this drive isn’t bad.

It’s probably the buffer being cleared then reloaded, why worry about it? your not saying that your burns are bad… :confused:

Yeah, the burns are perfectly fine. I also should mention it doesn’t seem like Buffer Underrun protection kicks in either (unless the light doesn’t change colors on this drive).

Also, I made a data cd (from a cd-r) and it did the same thing. Though, this time I noticed that it seems the writer is actually speeding up. So maybe thats it? Anyone else having this problem?

drive dma mode?

Here all my drives and DMA modes.

Segate 40gig (master) - DMA Mode 5
Maxtor 160gig (slave) - DMA Mode 6
Pioneer A07XLA (master) - DMA Mode 2
Pioneer DVD-117 (slave) - DMA Mode 3

All drives are set to cable select.

The rest of my system is…

1gig Samsung DDR
Audiotrak Prodigy 7.1
ATI Radeon 9800

Its weird because my AOpen CD-RW never had this problem.

Shouldn’t be using cable select.
Trying setting the jumper on your A07XLA to Master and the other as Slave.

Hope this helps

Drive lights don’t change - green or nothing :rolleyes: both my drives are DMA 2 Ultra 33 but that will depend on type of IDE drives and mobo :confused: