Anyway to stop NVE from recoding a file?

I know this sounds a bit silly, but if I want to create a SVCD and I already have a mpeg file that is the correct size and format, is there any way to get NVE to simply build the menus/chapters and then burn the disc without having to wait for NVE to recode the mpeg file over again?

I’ve had the same complaint for a while myself.I did 3 or 4 svcd with menus and audio and it took the entire length of the mpg.I think that’s kind of a waste of time just to add menus.My main complaint was using NVE 3 and making menus for dvd titles.It takes the length of the title to do it.TMPG dvd author takes 15 minutes for me.Only drawback for TMPG dvd author for me was that I couldn’t add audio to the menus so I tried NVE 3 and waaaay toooo loooong.I’m waiting on some feedback from Nero for some help.They’ve been real helpful in the past.