Anyway to save photos from photographer website?

This may not be the right place to ask, but my daughter had her senior pix taken and the photographer has all 200+ on their website. We have ordered over $800 in pictures so they are certainly getting their money from us. But as we were limited to pick 10 poses and there are several others that she would like to keep with our family photos on the computer, we were wondering if there is any way or any software that would let us save these protected photos to our own computer.

I have tried to click and right click and nothing happens.

Thank you for any suggestions.

sorry. those photos are protected because the copyrights to them belong to the photographer. you cannot save them to your computer without the photographer’s permission.

Reasonsnotrules is totally correct…the photographer owns the pictures.
You could try asking if they would be willing to give you low resolution copies…enough to look ok on a monitor.


even though you are a high paying customer hat doesn’t mean that people are as honest. many would be content to just pay the sitting fee for the photographer then download all of the proofs from the website and not purchase anything.

why do you think photographers ask for hard-copy proofs back within a certain amount of time before they charge you for them?