Anyway to put a region on a dvd? i have a pal dvd on my HD but am ntsc

i just got a pal dvd on my HD and was wondering if i can put NTSC on this when i burn it to dvd?

PAL & NTSC have nothing to do with regions.

It is possible to re-encode a PAL DVD to NTSC format but I don’t know which software will do a decent job, for NTSC to PAL it tends to be easier.

Over in Europe most DVD PLayers these days will handle NTSC to PAL conversion internally but I guess in NTSC land the same doesn’t generally apply.

dvdsanta is a good program

what will dvd santa let me do?

Dvd santa lets you change the format of the disk (ntsc to pal, or pal to ntsc) It also converts video files (avi, mpeg etc.) into a vob format.

hm i see.

Will dvd santa let me convert my ifo/vob (pal) files to ntsc without transcoding or rencoding???

And will it let me just convert the files and not burn them, so i can burn using clonedvd?

Does anydvd remove the regions protection just for the dvd player on my computer, or can it remove it from the disc totally(in other words, if i have a pal dvd and i insert it in mypc with anydvd runing, can i then take out the dvd and play it on my ntsc standalone player because anydvd made it pal???

Can dvddecrypter convert to pal?