Anyway to keep SpeedRead on ALL the time?

I have a Plextor 716SA and I’m interested in finding out if it’s possible to keep the SpeedRead setting on ALL the time instead of having to turn it on each time I want to rip a DVD?

You can enable SpeedRead permanently in PlexTools Professional (Drive Settings => Advanced). (PlexTools doesn’t have to run all the time for this to work.)

If you are ripping with DVD Decrypter you can enable SpeedRead there instead (Tools => Settings… => Device). This will let you watch DVD Videos with SpeedRead off and yet rip them with SpeedRead on.

Is it possible to enable SpeedRead by any other program than Plextools so that i can copy CDs to my harddsik with fullspeed without having to open Plextools before? Because opening Plextools takes longer than the extra speed gain when copying only one or two discs.

You can enable SpeedRead in PlexTools, exit PlexTools and forget all about it - SpeedRead will be enabled until you disable it again. A default installation of PlexTools will start PlexTools automatically every time Windows starts, and will also keep PlexTools running in the icon tray after you close it, but you can disable this behaviour in Options => Preferences => General.

The only other program I know about, that lets you enable SpeedRead when copying a disc, is DVD Decrypter (a program used for copying DVD Video discs).