Anyway to improve the ripping capibilities of 3540a with scratched media?

I have this drive and have noticed it doesnt do so well when the cd or dvd is scratched. My friend has a lite-on dvd burner and it is able to rip dvds that mine wouldn’t.

is there something i can do to improve this, or is it always going to have problems with it? thanks

Some drives cope with damaged media better than others. The best thing you can do is take good care of your media. :slight_smile:

The NEC 3540a is only good for burning DVDs.Other than that if you’re planning to use it to rip/read you might as well spend a little more on buying a dedicated DVD-ROM drive like a LiteON to do it.

I understand what you meant.Mine too is just lame when it comes to reading.At times my computer would just hang when I try to access some bad medias.


Use an AOpen 1648/aap Pro DVD-ROM on one 'puter and a LiteOn 1693s DVD-CD R/RW on the other to read/rip to my NEC 3500 and 3540 respectively-

They work great and don’t cost much - as it was said - NEC’s are great burners - not very good readers/rippers-