Anyway to change my 2500a to a 2510a?

I remember a while back I had an iomega which was actually a rebadged plextor, I had to use a program to change the name string back to plextor before I could flash it. Is there any known way to change my 2500a to indicate that it is a 2510a ???

Also I tried to update to the windows fw flash 1.7 for my 2500 and for some reason riplock seems to still be active. I.E. shrink dvd gives me a copy protection I/O error when I try to rip with it using my nec drive.

That’s not what riplock means, I’m pretty sure. Riplock removes the ripping speed lock, so it can rip faster. To do what you want to do, you have to decrypt the dvd with dvddecrypter, smartripper, anydvd, dvd43, etc.

Yes you can flash a ND-2500a and give it the same functions as a ND-2510a
Check out this thread :wink:

You don’t need to. Just use one of the modified firmwares available from Herrie or from The Dangerous Brothers (

Riplock is the speed limit applied when ripping DVD videos. It removes that limit, meaning that the DVD can be ripped to the hard drive quicker.

Not sure about that error. Try changing how DVDShrink accesses the drive. SPTI is the preferred method.

DVDShrink will rip DVDs by default too. Even if CSS-encrypted. No other software is required.

Well I am still getting the I/O error, it is strange because I am not getting the error with my liteon regular dvd drive at all. Any ideas ?

Is it with just one DVD? Or does it happen with many?

The two things that come to mind are:

  1. The NEC drive is having trouble reading the disc. Some people report that their NEC drives are not good readers. Maybe the disc is scratched or something and the NEC drive is just not able to read it.

  2. If you have the region-free firmware installed, this could cause problems with some discs. I’m not sure how that works with DVD Shrink. I used to have problems with DVD Decrypter and region-free firmwares.

That’s all I can think of based on what you’ve said.

Play the mivie for a minute in PowerDVD or whatever, then open it in Shrink.