Anything wrong with my A09? =(



Just got this retail version drive 2days ago its on FW 1.40 and had similiar scans with TYG02… :sad:

Anyone can advise? :bow:


Pioneer scans are pretty inaccurate, i suggest either using a LiteOn or Benq if you really want to scan the disc, the best you can do is run a Nero CDSpeed transfer rate test.


Cos i only have 1 drive right now so i cant do a scan on using others. This is from cd speed.



every day i discover something new about this unit…low burst rate imho, mine was about 30 mb/s…are you in udma 4?


Sorry to ask but how to check? :o


I have check and i am in multi-word DMA mode 2, is the correct setting? :confused:


DMA MW2 is the corresponding mode to PIO 4 - 16Mb/s maximum - which is limiting the speed.

Unless you do not have an Ultra-capable controller, it should be doing at least UDMA-2 (33Mb/s) - and should be capable of UDMA-4 (66Mb/s) on an 80 wire cable, though this seesm to be something that doesn’t always enable.

If your BIOS has a UDMA enabled setting (per port) then set it for the one the drive is on, in fact, since it’s normally an “enable if possible”, it should normally be enabled for all IDE ports, so that it will be selected if supported.


i am using a 80pin rounded cable, could this be the cause?


All right, i have set the mode to Ultra DMA mode 4 for my DVD writer. So anything wrong with my PI scans? Care to comment anyone?


Alright this is the new scan with UDMA-4


Scans with 4X DVD -R TYG01

Why the PI peak at 893?! :confused:

Another weird problem i have is i cant seem to do a disc quality check scan with nero? Notice that the “start” button cannot be click :confused:


Nero doesn’t suport the 109 directly, you can hack it to work, but it does show the unreliability of the pio for scan…


can provide me the link to hack nero to support 109? :bow:


Just use the Windows registry editor (regedit.exe or regedt32.exe). Search for the key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ahead\Nero Toolkit\CD Speed\CD Quality

Then delete the word PIONEER from the string named “blocked”.

If you mess up your computer by using regedit improperly, don’t blame me. :wink:


Thanks, it works flawlessly!


The tweaked CD Speed gives roughly the same scan results as DVDInfo Pro with a Pioneer drive, but the scans are a little different than those that you get by using KProbe2 or DVDInfo Pro to scan with a non-Pioneer drive.


I am posting results of the same burn on TDK1612 but scan with 2 different writers. First is on A09/FW 1.40 the other TDK 1612/FW C7S3.

can i conclude from here that the Pionner is a bad scanner rather den a bad burner? :confused:


I know that’s what I would do. Pioneer’s are not known for being good scanners, they are known for being good writers though. :slight_smile:
I was interested in scans in the past, but the way I look at it now is I’ve never had any disc I’ve burned w/my 108 and now 109, not play in anything. And for my important data, I only use TY media, so I’m not worried over it.


That’s pretty typical. That’s why I use KProbe 2 with my Liteys (832 & 1633) to scan. You can get seemingly bad scans using your Pioneer as the reader, but the disk plays fine on other DVD players. Don’t feel bad about this. Plextor drives are also notoriously bad scanners, but pretty decent burners. LiteOn drives scan well, but are pretty erratic writers.