Anything to disable riplock on HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GT32N?

I’ve looked for the above in searching here and on www, but I’ve come up empty. It’s a CD/DVD drive in my Acer Aspire 5560-7414. It doesn’t appear there’s any MCSE to support this, so does anyone have any ideas or place I can visit that will have something to disable the riplock on this?

Seems there is no firmware on Dell/Acer support sites, and as it’s a
Panasonic chipset no way to extract the current firmware :frowning:

Thanks for the reply. I read something about the Panasonic chipset in it in another unrelated forum, but nothing was said about the f/w. Thanks for the reply; guess I’ll not get to see if the quad core on this laptop could process/rip movies faster after all. At least I have my trusty tower and Liteon for that.

[QUOTE=Quema34;2673032]It’s a CD/DVD drive in my Acer Aspire 5560-7414. [/QUOTE]

That is bad news. The chance of getting a firmware update from Acer is slim to none … they are notorious for not releasing any ODD updates …

Your drive is highly likely to be on OEM version of the GT30N. Your only hope would be to crossflash your GT32N to the GT30N model for which plenty of firmwares exist (some of them are quite new which is a bonus) and which can be patched via MCSE.

It should be possible now to create a [U]raw[/U] firmware dump (no header, so you won’t be able to patch the dumped firmware and then flash it back just like that) for drives based on a Panasonic chipset, by using DevilsClaw’s Renesas Flasher and running it with this special command line:

flasher -d <drive id> -l firmware.bin 1 80000000 00200000

It might be a good idea to do so, particularly if you intend to crossflash. At least once you have a dump it would be possible to be 100% sure that your drive is indeed a GT30N as I suspect, and as such make sure that the crossflash will be successful.