Anything other prog than dvd shrink?

hello world,

i have been using dvd shrink for about 3 yrs. now. i used it on my older dvd drive, and it worked fine most of the the time. but, when it didn’t work, i would use either dvd decrypter or dvd fab. then, i would open the files that the dvd decrypter or dvd fab made, and then i would hit the “backup” button, and the burned dvd (which was a copy of a dvd i already owned) worked fine.

now, the previous dvd burning drive i described “died” on me. so i went to comp usa, and bought the cheapest dvd burning drive they had. the dvd burning drive was a coimp usa brand drive for about $80. ever since i bought this crap dvd burning drive, there has been problems after problems.

okay, i know dvd shrink runs off nero, and i have the newest form of nero. i also have dvd fab and dvd decrypter. but dvd shrink won’t work for me. so my question is:

is there another program (preferably shareware) that does what dvd shrink does? by this i mean decodes the files, shrinks the files to a size that a dvd+/- R would accept (4.7 GB), and then takes these files and transfers them to a readable dvd format. also, on top of that, is there a program that does all of the above plus can open files from progs like dvd decrypter and fab? then, thansfers these files and transfers them to a readable dvd format?

anyone that can help me out with this is a savior. please help this idiot savant. lol

The next in line free ware is RipIt4Me bur you still have to have DVD Shrink up and running since Shrink is one of the four components of RipIt4Me. DVD Shrink is still among the good ones just uninstall it reboot and reinstall it again you should be OK.

If you have the full version of nero, nero recode can do the same as dvd shrink and it is more recently updated. In fact, you will find it similar to shrink as it was written by the same person. the only thing that nero recode wont do is remove copy protection, so you would have to use dvd decryptor or dvd fab first. Then select the copy entire dvd video option in nero smart start. Make sure you set the target size to dvd-5 so that it compresses it.

Use DVD Rebuilder

No ripit said [B]Nero Recode[/B]

Yes? Nero / Shrink will give you worse quality but its your choice…

Just like DiiZzY said, i think you should try the free version of Dvd Rebuilder. The quality is much better than Dvd Shrink though it is slower. Quality comes at a price.