Anything else i need to back up ps2 games



Hi people, im just wondering can anyone help me? I want to back up my PS2 games because im not the best person at keeping games in their boxes, so i could do with backing them up so that i dont have messed up PS2 games.

I have a normal cd burner, i have nero express and alcohol 120% and i cant copy games, could someone please tell me if i need either a normal dvd player on my pc or a dvd burner to back them up, and also, could you please post on how to copy PS2 games from start to finish. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Create an image with alcohol 120%, great program, or nero, very good also.
Burn the image at low speeds, 2X or 4X on -R or +R media. Some say -R is better for PS2, althought I have no problems with +R.


do i need a dvd player or dvd writer becuase my cd burner wont pic up ps2 disks


what i do is place the ps2 disc into my pioneer dvdr-108.
wait a few seconds.
launch dvd decrypter/mode/iso > read
select source and target file name/location…click the icons below
then put a blank dvd-r into same drive
in dvd decrypter go to iso write and burn the iso i just created to the blank dvd-r


do i need a dvd player or dvd writer becuase my cd burner wont pic up ps2 disks???
also a modded chip in the ps2


You’ll need a DVD Player/writer to read and write the dvd. PS2 games only come in dvd discs, except for demo’s I think.


A cd writer will do for only cd based games but most ps2 games are now on dvd…


all i have is a normal cd burner thats it, i dont even have a spare cd rom, just my burner, and its not picking up my ps2 games in the drive, also i need the a step by step process of what to do with either nero exress or alcohol 120%

Thaks to all that reply in advance

This is a great site by the way, lots of helpful people :slight_smile:


Then I guess they are dvd’s and your cd writer doesn’t have support for them.

Enjoy it :slight_smile:


so it’ll be able to back up my ps2 games if i have a dvd player (so that will the disk) and then copy them onto a 700mb disk on my cd writer?

Sorry its taking so long, im not really that good with how to get a grip of this idea


no, u will need a dvd burner to both copy and burn the game to dvd media


is there no way of putting the ps2 games onto a 700 mb disk??? if so, what equipment do i need exactly and how do i copy games?

PLEASE HELP :frowning:


For dvd based the only real option is get a dvd writer…


People have been telling you over and over again that you need a DVD Burner. Honestly man with quality DVD Burners being $80 or less these days there is no excuse not to pick one up. Even a paperboy could easily afford one of those. In addition CD-Rs ARE NOT EASY on the PS2 DVD-ROM Drive. For CD-Rs on the PS2 I really recommend burning at the slowest possible speed so that you can avoid the lovely “chainsaw” sound that is produced by the PS2 laser/motor assembly over-working itself. Also, do you happen to have a modchip, swap magic or other mod method? You will need that before you will be able to even read backups on your PS2. The reason why most games aren’t even reading in your PC is because your CD-RW burner probably doesn’t read DVD format discs. So unless it is a CD format game, it won’t even read it. So you definitely are not setup to burn PS2 backups at this point.


can we talk about the modchip, swap magic, flip top in this forum? cause if we can then im gonna start another topic…i really want to mod my ps2


Start a new topic then



Do you need a mod chip in order to play backed up ps2 games?


^ Yes


No. You can use a modchip as it can be easier after its installed but you can also use the swap disk method that dont require you to open your ps2 and void your warrenty.

Do a google for swap magic and you will see. But you will have to boot up with one disk and swap to the back up which over a long period of time can be annoying.