Anything but Roxio... but which?

Roxio originally came on my first Dell PC, but I had to pay for an upgrade to add sound (or something equally rip-off in nature) After IE7 trashed it, I paid another upgrade, but have finally learned my lesson - this is a trully awful piece of software, on so many levels, with non-existent support :a . So I’ve wasted my money, but don’t want to again, so help me please…

Which one should I buy to replace it. I quite liked the ability to almost point and click new menus, music, etc. (if it had worked) it should have been an easy system to work.

All I need is the ability to pull in video from my camcorder, edit it, add sound/music to bits, keep native audio in others, and if poss add chapters, menus etc., before burning it to DVD.


I use Vegas Movie Studio+DVD Video Editing and DVD Creation Software. It’s about $100.00 It’s easy to use, also comes with a tutorial help step by step instructions

NTI CD&DVD-Maker 7 Titanium Suite will give you a complete package that is stable and includes their “home video maker” software which will do all you are asking. This is a bundle program however it is far more the like of Nero or Rosio. You can take a look at it here.

uLead has some pretty good stuff, most with full demo and reasonably priced.