Anything better than Spybot Search & Destroy?




i use avast anti virus and i like its ease of use and it works well for me , i have also been using Spybot searcch & destroy for years but recently avast has been poping up that it has detected teatimer is a threat ,

so i uninstalled Spybot, and i would like to know is there a better program i can use rather than spybot , i want a free program and i am not an expert in all the settings , so i dont want anything too complicated .

i am running win xp sp3 .

thanks .



The free version works fine. Just do a manual scan from time to time.

And I prefer Microsoft Security Essentials over Avast. It is uninstrusive and scans for spyware as well as virus infections and trojans.


+1 what Kerry ^ said.


Windows XP is old, but I don’t believe in any extra Utility Programs. Your OS is up to date, so all you need is a good Anti-Virus. Avast is good, I put it on all my Client’s computers. The paid Professional has Malware protection. A Lean Clean Machine is the Best! :cool:



Kerrys recommendations of [B]M$ Security Essentials [/B]and [B]Malwarebytes[/B] is the [B]best[/B] overall ‘free’ solution IMO2.

I personally use a combination of [B]BitDefender Internet Security 2012 [/B]- [B]M$ Security Essentials [/B]and [B]SuperAntiSpyware[/B] for my defense system on all my computers-eh.


ok thanks for all the help ill try what kerry said . i have a well maintained PC and would like to keep it like that .

thanks again


Use an state of the art viruskiller and you can forget spybot…


ESET NOD32 Smart Security works perfectly for me. Very rarely do I get nagged about anything legit. Costs about $50 a year. Switched from BitDefender due to problems when Windows 7 first came out - I am sure the compatibility issues have been fixed by now though.

Avira AntiVirus + ZoneAlarm Firewall is a great free option.

Assuming that you have a legit copy of Windows then Microsoft Security Essentials + Windows Firewall should be fine. The stigma surrounding Windows Firewall started with the XP version (which was awful)… the newer versions are actually fine. I would however suggest the free version of Windows7FirewallControl, which gives greater control over allowed/blocked applications. Doing this has the benefit of having to install the very minimum of additional software. Far too often I see people with multiple anti-virus/firewalls/scanners installed. As chef said, scanners like Spybot Search & Destory and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware really aren’t needed… a virus-scanner should stop anything dangerous before it gets in - and can do a scan of your drives if you are worried something is already on there.

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