Anything better than Nero Burn for data burns?

For the most part Nero Burn has done a fine job in burning mt DVDR data. As of late I am burning several files to a disc and Nero isnt reporting in bytes the actual capacity the entire contents will take before it begins to burn. What happens is, due to 51,000 files / 2500 folders, Nero takes about 15 mins to process before finally reporting the entire set is xx bytes too big to fit. I then have to cancel everything and start again. Very annoying.

Clicking the Info tab just before burning is inaccutate and Window’s properties on all the files is inaccurate. Im getting a bit frustrated witrh Nero all together and so my question is what is a better DVDR “data” burning software that i can use in place of Nero Burn?


It’s not as flexible as Nero Burning ROM (e.g. it cannot create virtual folders and no multi-session) but ImgBurn might be able to do what you want using Build Mode. It’s freeware and not very big (currently about 1.55 MB installed).

You can calculate total burn size before burning your project with ImgBurn.

CDBurnerXP Pro is another free option.

What do people think of Nero’s BackItUp? So far, it’s worked well for me.

I made a backup that consisted of 3000 folders and 50,000 files and it required two DVDs. I made another backup that consisted of 6000 folders and 107,000 files. I had BackItUp zip these files and they fit on one DVD.

In any case, BackItUp will use how many discs are required.

In both cases I did a complete restore but to a temporary folder, not the original location. I then used Windiff to verify the backups were exactly the same as the originals.

You don’t need to do a restore to get at individual files. You can browse the DVD with Windows Explorer.

Another thing about BackItUp is you don’t need to burn the output directly to DVD. BackItUp will allow you to burn to image files on the hard drive. It’s not obvious how to do this, but I figured it out. (File > Preferences > Backup tab).

You can burn the images to DVD later using your favorite burning program. I use CDspeed because it records the burner’s model number so I can later see which burner was used.