Anything before buying the DVR-109?

Hello everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

I am going to buy DVR-109 :cool: and i want to ask pioneer owners about what you liked and what you disliked about DVR-109 in your PRACTICAL use! Not what is mentioned in reviews… Thanks everyone, and if someone can, please bring some write/read scans @ dvr-109. Again thanks! :bow:


1.VERY VERY BAD -R +R, reader
performs very poorly in nero cd speed, and similiar tests

2.buffer problems, maybe the laser is adjusting itself,

  1. prior to 1.40 firmware, compatibility problems with liteon and samsung drives.

4.clear banding of burn disc,

  1. Not so fast cd burning

6.heard about bad cd burning , and reading


  1. seems to do excellent burns (not sure how to prove, but does read perfect in liteon drives)

2.suports dual layer + , - at x6

  1. supports high speed -rw, +rw

Thanks for your response, so if not DVR-109, then maybe this one?

What do you think about this? Negative/Positive?

Disk burnt at 12x & read in a 109, using Ritek G05 8x printable.

What do you think, should i get that BenQ or the DVR-109?

If you are looking only at Pioneer and Benq, you are leaving out some good options. You might want to hold off until the Spring lineup comes out and look here:

Hehe chas0039, the fact is, that i chose 2 best ones from cheaper drives, that are Pioneer and BenQ, i’m afraid of BenQ because it can go dead after a couple of months, like to some other people… so i’m thinking about Pioneer, any other suggestions?

Some friends use the Pioneer DVR 107 and MCC. Great writing-quality and good readers, but not very good for CD-R.
What about a LG 4163?

i would repeat: horrible reader.

BTW i will give my verbatim mcc02 to a friend who have a 108 to scan’em and see the results…

I live in Lithuania, my cousin lives in USA, he has just ordered a BenQ 1620Pro for me, i think that drive rocks, as said ‘MONSTER RIPPER’ [very fast], also very fast 16x writer, someone completed a 95% quality burn at 5:21 with WOPC disabled, i think BenQ will do the job for me, i don’t trust LG’s… maybe they are good, i can’t say anything cause havent tried, but i think BenQ in this case is much more better!:slight_smile:


when was your 109 manufactured?
where is it made in?

I and alot of others have very very bad read graphs from the 109

Disc burned in DVR-109 At 16x & Read in DVR-109. Verbatim DVD+R 16x

hmmmm, for those of you’s with perfect read graphs

could you, give me details of manufacture date of burner (109)
and where it was made in

and then tell me , your mobo , ie intel 875, 865, 915, 925?
or amd …whatever…

i need to find out, whats the difference with your burners , and or setup of mine…

=( unhappy about my drive

I’ll give u my pc specs for now because it’s kind of late to be taking the burner out of my case. I’ll get manufacturing date/place tommorow.

Athlon 64 3500+
Giga-Byte K8NS Ultra-939
1GB OCZ PC3200 Rev.2 (5-2-2-2)
Ati x800 Pro
2 Western Digital HD’s SATA On Seperate Channels
Lite-On Master IDE1
Pioneer DVR-109 Master IDE2
Windows XP SP2

thank you so much for your information!!!
much appreciated,

im trying to gather information , on how to identify a good 109,

I see that you are using a NForce 3 Ultra,

My systems , i was trying was a Intel 865, and a Via kt133a
both similiar results, intel did provide difference in results,
however it was 2 seperate 109 drives.

Sorry, Mac person here. What do the lines represent? And what are the three axes of the graph?

William Donelson

My LG 4163 can burn a full SL in 5.16 mins with a QS of 96 straight out of the box with official firmware.

My Pioneer 109 rips a DL quicker than my Philips 1640 (aka BenQ 1620).

No one drive is best at everything.

2 More before I go.

Disc burned in DVR-109 At 4x & Read in DVR-109. Ritek DVD-R 4x

Disc burned in DVR-109 At 8x & Read in DVR-109. Sony DVD-R 8x

The green line is the read/write speed (axis left)
The yellow is the rounds per minute (axis right in 1000)
The axis on the bottom shows the capacity in GB

Sorry again: “Rounds” ? You mean RPM? Revolutions per minute?

Aren’t the read and write speeds different?