Anything as good as Plextor Premium 2 for ripping with SATA?

I belive the final report of EAC:

Hey, it’s not the day; I reap again the same CD with the good parameter (mode secured)
It’s better than in the others modes (synchronized or explosif)

And the final report look like at the classic report for this mode

Sorry for the multi training (en français, j’écris un peu mieux !).
good by

For ripping cds with catus data shield drm CDS200 (such as some early-mid 2000s era titles released by EMI), my current LiteOn iHAS124 F and LG GH24NSC0 (or GH24NSCD0 or D1) can handle them at full speed (or almost full) in EAC secure mode.

For scratches which are mostly radial, either the current LiteOn or LG drives can handle them in EAC secure mode.

For cds with some circular concentric scratches/damage, my Samsung SH-224GB drive (the last model before TSST went bankrtupt) can handle quite a few of these badly damaged discs in EAC secure mode. My LiteOn iHAS124 F will frequently fail on these particular discs with circular concentric scratches/damage. My LG GH24NSC0 (or GH24NSCD0 or D1) drive can handle some of these cd discs with concentric scratches/damage, where it will do repeated re-reads.

I don’t know how current drives like LiteOn iHAS124 F or LG GH24NSC0 (or GH24NSD0 or D1), compare to classic Plextors drives with Sanyo chipsets for ripping badly damaged (or drm) discs.

(I chucked away my old Plextor drives when they finally died, from heavy burning use back in the day).

Since it seems the revival, UltraPleX TS40(tsi/tse, got both still working), that’s entirely nostalgia. Digital reading is digital reading, sometimes given some parameters, but not in this case and so whatever the hardware/software combination allows should be adequate, but for DAE, you switch your firnware version to yet again rejoice in the fact that you made it :smiley: (it all depend on your mileage and record collection, whatever comes: first, it is still nostalgia and trying to achieve something to fuel that nostalgia, still do).