AnyStream beta Discussion Thread

Download 64bit:

Download 32bit: beta 2021-07-02

  • fix: possible crash in Hulu-search
  • fix: revert to HTTP/1.1 for Disney and Hulu due to a bug in the HTTP/2 Qt network implementation

I’m waiting for their 1920 x1080 fix…
While I’m happy to have the opportunity to download to PC instead of solely to Android,1280 x 720 isn’t exactly what I bought AnyStream for… :wink:

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Most of NF is 1920X1080P, a lot of it is a browser restriction.

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With AnyStream,it’s actually a decryption issue for Disney+ ATM… :wink:
The only browser that offers full resolution,is MS’ Chromium based Edge,and since RedFox build their own browser version based on Chromium,people are expecting @ least full HD downloads… :wink:

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They might get it, Redfox developers are very good, not that I know them, but I have faith, AnyDVDHD has been around for 2 decades, and no one has surpassed them, so why would I believe otherwise.

I totally agree with your POV Alan.and that’s the main reason why I decided to buy their AnyStream product,although there are other alternatives available… :wink:

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Yep Fab has one too.

I’m still waiting for AnyStream to tackle some of the newer services like HBOMax and Peacock.
For most other purposes I’m fine with ffmpeg.

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AnyStream latest version is 1155, They added Hulu Very soon they will have an upgrade with more providers called " Anystream Pro"
at this moment it’s not available for sale but it will be soon, with more providers from different regions of the world. The Pro version will cost 60euro to upgrade to from the basic version, from what I have read they will give a nice discount to first come customers that already have AnyStream basic.

So something like $200 U.S.? They really don’t target the average user.

They are professional for the last 2 decades, along with other software providers we support. If you look at other real downloading software, not screen recorders, you will see they are cheap.